The soundtrack of 'The Winter' is framed around the work of the legendary B.D. Foxmoor and Jamoan, in collaboration with traditional music by the sibling duo Loukia and Stella Valasi.  The score is composed by Tim Trotman and Dave Kemp, from the atmospheric band 'Orangafruup.'

B.D. Foxmoor is a Greek rapper and hip hop producer. In 1992, he founded Active Member and released the first Greek hip hop album, Diamartyria(Protest). In 1995 when Active Member signed to a major label, Warner, and released To megalo kolpo, B.D. Foxmoor started referring to his music as Low Bap. He has released many solo albums as well as LPs with Active Member and has also produced many releases of other low bap artists. B.D. and Jamoan (as La Bruja Muerta) have together created the concept album and the cinematic soundtrack for 'The Winter' and we are honoured to have their involvement.

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Additional Music by:

Dave Kemp and Tim Trotman (also of the band Orangafruup) composed the film score, giving eerie interludes and drones to highlight the ever-changing psychological state of the main character, Niko.

Loukia and Stella Valasi are exceptionally talented young musicians, specializing in traditional Greek music using ancient instruments, such as the santouri.  The theme of The Winter is based on the original melody Stella and Loukia composed.  B.D. Foxmoor has taken their framework further for the stunning song ‘Xeimonas.’