Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Silence, Please! We’re Rolling…

In a whirlwind 20 days, the Greek part of our filming has now wrapped in Siatista.  With crew gathered from Poland, Greece, the UK, and US, we had a tight-knit, hard working group determined to bring the project to life. 

The Winter - Greek Shoot Pics 2011
The gorgeous photography of our DOP, Kuba Kossak, made the perfect counterpart to director Kostas’ visually driven concept for the film.   Our sound team battled heroically amidst bustling village life, cars, enthusiastic dog howling, and inescapable heating machines to get the perfect quality of sound and all the lovely creaks, squeaks and bumps around the house.  The gaffer and grip squad zoomed about lighting up the house in ways we hadn’t thought possible.
The Winter - Greek Shoot Pics 2011  
Production designer and costume designer teamed up in one seamless collaboration, making the best use possible of limited budget and getting resourceful with the trunks of clothing and artifacts found in the house itself.  The camera team used every trick in their arsenal to get some incredible and complicated shots in a very short timeframe!  And overseeing  all of it, our management duo and Greek helpers got through language barriers, long hours and worked closely to engage all the resources available locally in the area.
The Winter - Greek Shoot Pics 2011

It was an immense job, but our skilled and hard-working crew really made it happen!  Did we have ghosties and hauntings?  Well… that’s another story…

(Coming up: Cast Updates, and a few massive rounds of thanks.)