Monday, 14 November 2011

Welcome to Siatista: Effie Papatheodorou

We've just made it through the first week on the shoot we were so blessed and thrilled to have the performance of Effie Papatheodorou.  With her warm and intelligence, Effie is an incredible inspiration to all of us. In the role of Philio, she created a character role with depth and imagination.  She's charmed our international crew and brought fire and humor to Philio's scenes.  With hand-crafted dialogue, Effie brought her experience and improvisation to the film, leaving us in awe. 

The people of Siatista have been wonderful, and that was abundantly clear on Effie's last night on set.  The  taverna Estiatorio 'To Petrino' hosted us for a fantastic evening of local food and Siatista hospitality.  With crew from Poland, England, and America all on their first trip to Greece, and a long week of filming, the lovely cuisine and sampling of regional wine created a perfect send off for our film doyenne. Many thanks to 'To Petrino' , and to our shining star, Effie!
The crew & Efi at 'To Petrino' the end of the first week!